Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Project

I haven't posted for a while, because I've been super busy with work and school.

Any how this week I bought a DLink DIR-825 and installed openwrt on it. At first I followed the steps on the site and installed a nightly build... Which worked, but the nightly build's web gui(LuCi) wasn't compiled/packaged correctly and wasn't included in the router image. After a few hours of digging I finally installed the latest release "backfire" it's working much better, although I do need to install the wireless drivers for my two radios. This router is an amazing platform. It has 8 megs flash and 64 ram, 680 mhz cpu, 2 radios 802.11g/n, and 5 gig lan ports. I have a 4gb usb stick that I am planning on using to hold software. This should allow me to do some pretty cool things with this router.

I am may look into dd-wrt... not sure yet though, I really like openwrt.

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