Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Impreza WRX

Well, I have a Subaru again. It's about time too.

Sarah and I have been looking for a new car for several months now and we finally found one at a price we liked. The gent we bought it from is throwing in a new turbo and left rear window... By new I mean parted from a salvage job. He is covering the labor so all I need to do is show up next Sunday and wait a bit.

The reason for all this? The turbo seems to have an air leak, it doesn't appear to effect the performance much, but it is fairly annoying to hear a whistle every time the turbo spools... (turbo ahhhh I'm giddy)

This baby has a 3" cat back exhaust that sounds amazing. Everything else is bone stock, aside from an ECU flash. Once everything is paid off I plan to do cold air intake and a new down pipe. Although this will increase the noise some what, I think it should be worth it, especially at 300hp!

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