Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Black Rock

Sunday Kc, Kyler and I made our first visit to Black Rock (BRMBA). I say our first visit because it was absolutely the best riding ever!

I have ridden Bend, Corvallis, Willamette Pass, North Umpqua and Mckenzie but Black Rock takes the cake in my book. The riding scenery and terrain are nearly identicle to the Mac forrest in Corvallis, except Black Rock has way more to offer. There are runs from green to double black, and most extreme sets have bail outs for those with lesser insanity ;)

I rode the longest ever on a construction/log combo(without bailing). Had a blast on the green Bonzia run, and practiced my jumping and drop techniques. Every one we talked to was friendly and enthusiastic and helpful... It was a great day!

I still enjoy riding Bend and Corvallis, but if you havent checked out Black Rock get too it!


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