Monday, April 30, 2012

Open-connect replacement for CiscoAnyconnect on Ubuntu

I wanted to connect to work at home on my Ubuntu desktop so here is my simple Cisco AnyConnect recipe to get it working.

Add this PPA
add-apt-repository ppa:odyx/openconnect-helpers
Install packages
aptitude install openconnect openconnect-helpers
Grab a better network route and DNS setup script, for some reason the one provided with vpnc didn't work for me.
cd /etc/openconnect-helpers; sudo wget; sudo chmod u+x vpnc-script
 Edit the config file /etc/openconnect-helpers/default.conf. I just set the first params to:
The help package provides two convenience scripts vpn-connect and vpn-disconnect. If they don't work try your connection directly with openconnect --script /etc/openconnect-helpers/vpnc-script

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