Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Serving a broken world in a critical hour!

Recently I have been involved with some technical mission work from the relative comfort of my home. I helped setup a Concrete5 site for Malamulo hospital The main need was to have a nice face for the international public and grant writing. What I am seeing though is, although we met the requested need for a nicer website/cms, there doesn't seem to be anyone with the time or skill to pick up the actual content entry. What is frustrating is I have time, but no content, so I am really just stuck waiting for something to happen.

I also discovered that they have several other software/IT related needs, but I don't have enough on the ground incite into their real world practices to properly address them. At OSCON this year I did meet a gent named Isaac Holeman that does have such experience and incite, and he seems quite willing to share some with our team.

All this leads to why I titled my post specifically in a critical hour. I am firmly convinced that far to many of my fellow technology professionals(including me) have been far to complacent with the endless success of open source and technology as a whole and are ignoring the basic needs of billions across the globe. Doesn't it seem horrific that we would stand in line for hours to get an iPhone, but not think twice about those who waste away their lives building them for a wealthy western world. I don't want to run a major guilt trip here, but it as populations grow, those in need grow ever faster.

As a Christian, I feel ever more responsible for the wellbeing of my neighbors, both spiritually and physically. After all, how can one address the emotional, spiritual and beliefs of an individual without attending to the basic needs of hunger, shelter and safety. It is now ever more important that I stand for what is right, good and true and not waste time chasing after fake success and fun times. God asks us to serve others where he has placed us and with the talents and skills he has given us. I don't want to squander them on "my pursuits".

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